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I'm a author, blogger and journalist from Norway. I had my first article in the newspaper at the age of 13, it was about my desire for a better management of the bear and wolf population in Norway. I have since then written articles for several magazines and newspapers, and I also write about   travel, restaurants, wine, film- and books, as well as politics, business and self-development on my blog

But books are my true passion. I swallowed tons of books and cartoons as a little girl and took an early decision to become a writer, but even though my first novel was completed in 1994 - 12 years disappeared in a lot of other fun stuff, including some years in Australia where I worked on a horseranch with 78 horses including my own, crazy Percy that nobody except me could ride, and cattle farm where I was doing a lot of fencing in the "out back" together with a 80 year old man and a dog at the same age - before my first novel came out in 2006.

The Thuth about Lotte-Marie,  my first book, sold over 6,000 books in 1st edition. Later I wrote four other books, but it was not before Autumn 2016 that I really took ownership of the authorship of mine, and actually did something about it other than just write and get the books out there.

Today my job is books and my passion. In 2017 I started Feather Book Publishing because I want to help others, and I've also opened up my blog for other authors so that they can introduce themselves and their books, because, as we know, the Norwegian media is doing a poor job bringing out the diversity and new talents in the art- and literature world.

My blog is therefore today a lot about books, and wine. I have been blogging since 2010, and startet a brand new blog in 2015 with figures between 5-9.000 readers a day the first week, so my blog are usually to be found on the blog top in Norway.

Of course I also have to mention, since I am a sommelier and love wine - that I produced the first TV serie about "wine and travel" in Norway, a program where I was traveling in Europe visiting wineproducers, drinking wine and laughing. An easy job perfect for me! You can see the show at my YouTube channel.

I hope that you will enjoy my books and write a review if you like them, if not, I would appreciate it if you take the time to give me some feedback on why - so that I can become a better author. Thank you so much, and have a wonderful day!

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I convey dreams

through texts and pictures.

I have been writing about adventures and travels, both in English and Norwegian for several magazines since 2003. If you want me to tell a story for you - just tell me.

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